Strategic Plan

OLMC Strategic Plan 2016–2019

Key Commitments

The OLMC Strategic Plan 2016–2019 focuses on eight ‘Key Commitments’ that apply to all aspects of OLMC’s improvement agenda.

Our key commitments are that we will:

  1. Become a stronger dialogical school, assisting students and staff to experience and value the Catholic story in our culturally diverse communities

  2. Deepen staff and students’ understanding and knowledge of Catholic moral and social teaching and support students in apportioning personal meaning in their lives

  3. Draw on the treasures of the Scriptures, the Catholic tradition and the Mercy story to build student and staff capacity for empathetic, compassionate and active citizenship

  4. Ensure that our learning and teaching narrative, with its genesis in the College’s Learning and Teaching Charter, is enacted in teaching practice, classroom dynamics and professional learning programs

  5. Strengthen staff-student relationships and student wellbeing initiatives to maximise the aspirations and learning behaviours of students

  6. Investigate and implement strategies for optimal use of our resources to promote and sustain contemporary learning and community development

  7. Strengthen student voice and dialogue to facilitate their learning and development

  8. Investigate and implement employment policies and strategies to enable the College to recruit, develop and retain high performing staff at all stages of their work life.


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